Metal Science Services offers cryogenic processing and advanced thermal treatment services to enhance material performance in demanding applications including industrial tooling, drill bits, firearms, racing motor sports, and high-performance knives and swords.

Our advanced thermal processing is a computer-controlled treatment that uses both heat and extreme cold to enhance the uniformity, strength, durability and toughness of steel and other alloys.

Metal Science Services offers Standard thermal processing and our patent-pending Therma-Cycle™ processing for materials that must meet the most demanding specifications.

Our advanced thermal processing makes steel:

  • Stronger and tougher – Advanced thermal processing affects the entire internal structure of the treated part, creating a stronger, more uniform crystalline structure.
  • More wear resistant – The enhanced strength and toughness of the martensite structure improves wear resistance.
  • Permanently improved – One treatment lasts the lifetime of the part. Grinding, sharpening or refinishing does not affect the temper’s benefits.

Other metals and alloys also benefit from our advanced thermal treatments. Contact us with any questions regarding specific applications.