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July 7, 2003 – Metal Science Services launches new advanced thermal processing facility in Texas

Metal Science Services, a leader in the thermal treatment of steel and other materials, has established an advanced thermal processing facility in Texas.

Metal Science Services provides computer-controlled, patent-pending thermal treatments that use both heat and extreme cold to enhance the properties of steel, ferrous alloys and other materials. This advanced thermal treatment service alters the internal structure of steel and other materials at the molecular level, creating a more uniform crystalline structure with enhanced strength, toughness and wear resistance. (Technical information on metallurgy and thermal processing is available on our Web site.)

“Our thermal processing can have significant bottom-line benefits in many applications,” said Edward Godwin, general manager of Metal Science Services. “Tooling lasts 2-5 times longer and, since fewer change outs are required, labor costs are also reduced. In well drilling, for example, a drag bit which would normally chew through about 1,000 feet before needing to be replaced got over 4,000 feet. Plus, it required fewer resharpenings.”

Thermal processing improves the performance of steels and ferrous alloys used in tooling, motor sports, firearms, and blades. It also enhances the performance of materials used in audio applications, musical instruments and electronics.

About Metal Science Services

Metal Science Services, a division of Angel Sword Corporation, has more than 20 years experience in the thermal treatment of steel and other alloys. Metal Science Services offers standard thermal processing as well as specialized, patent-pending thermal treatments designed for materials and applications that must meet the highest performance specifications.